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Would you like me to visit your school?

My philosophy is ... whatever it is you want to do have a go!

... one thing always leads to another ...

The Daisy Drama Club books are all about children who want to act but there is not a drama club in their village - so they set one up themselves ... and then they realise they have to write scripts, make props and and sell tickets. But they do put on plays - instead of waiting for someone else to organise them they do it themselves!

Of course, running a club is quite involved but you can start more simply ... after all a play could be just performed to your mum in the kitchen ... but you would be performing!

And it’s not just about putting on plays ... it could be writing, or cooking, or becoming a sports commentator or an inventor or ...

I love doing lively art based activities (I used to be an art teacher) that relate to putting on a play - designing costumes, props, scenery - and of course, to the Daisy Drama Club series.

A session

One hour of discussion and activity

Half an hour book signing opportunity

One and half hours in total


to be arranged

I live near Startford-upon-Avon - right in the heart of the country!

Do email me if you would like me to come along!

Best wishes